The Erlenhaus has had the right to distil for 80 years.

In the past years I have been training in distilling and fruit tree farming and since 2017 I am also a certified spirits sommelière.


The distillery has only been partially renovated and everything needs to be done by hand. Even for the lights we have to get an extension cord. It is quite hard work but we hugely enjoy it.


We only use our own home grown fruit, knowing that we have used no pesticides for years. The orchard is at its beginnings and so far we have not very much fruit but it gives us the time we need to get to know how to handle the distillery at its best and in the meantime experiment  with creating our own Gin and 'Geiste', spirit infused with fruits or herbs and re-distilled just like Gin. Last year we made our own first pure apple brandy.


Also we make our own berry jams and from our own apples, vinegar.


The orchard and the parkland need a lot of work doing but we try to be careful and considerate of the wild life and birds, thus it is a very slow process and in the interim it has a somewhat 'wild look'.

If available you are free to purchase any of our home made products, jellies, jams, vinegar or distillates.